eReader Pro 3.0

Read documents and electronic books


  • Simple viewing interface
  • Bookmarking function
  • Add annotations
  • Battery indicator


  • Still not as enjoyable as reading a real book

Very good

I love a good read, but there are times when its impossible to carry a bulky hardback around with me. These days however, this doesn't have to be too much of a problem because there are plenty of ways to enjoy a good read without physically having a book with you. eReader provides you with a way of displaying documents and eBooks on your Palm to peruse anywhere you like.

The application provides a wonderful array of options to give you total control over all your books and documents in the PDB format. Through eReader's clear interface you can perform all manner of procedures, including viewing all chapters or choosing certain sections, adding bookmarks, annotating paragraphs, and viewing extra information about what you're reading. There's even a battery indicator to protect you from any nasty surprises.

With such a vast of reading features, eReader offers one of the best experiences for reading books on your mobile device.

eReader, previously known as Palm Reader, is a program for viewing documents and eBooks on your PalmOne device.

Thanks to its incredibly simple and intuitive interface, you can see all the chapters or sections of a document, add bookmarks, make annotations, access advanced information on your document and keep an eye on the state of your battery's charge.

The large number of functions and options as well as its ease of use and speed make this document viewer a program worth having.



eReader Pro 3.0

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